Marko Nyberg is an ambitious film composer with extensive experience in many fields of music. His personal use of electronic soundscapes and production techniques give him an introspective, compelling, and often wistful sound. Nyberg’s sound based approach, work in the realms of pop culture and his understanding of contemporary aesthetics give him a fresh approach to composing film music.

As a film composer, Marko Nyberg has remarkable sensibility to nuances of emotion in a scene as well as an understanding of the delicacies of tone in the sonic palette. His music reflects
the Nordic nature where, apart from the short summer, light shines horizontally and shadows
are long. Nyberg has a way of creating the magic musically by going “sound hunting” – to find an old broken piano with just the right timbre, or to record the sound of snow under his feet. Choosing the right texture and hue when composing a piece of music is essential in Nyberg’s approach. Time and again, he has successfully merged digital sound synthesis with analogue keyboards and traditional acoustic instruments.

Born 1974 and based in Helsinki, Marko has run his own sound production company El Camino
Helsinki since 2008, composing music for international commercials and short films as well as
working as a sound designer. In 2002 he started Husky Rescue, a band that was to gain
international acclaim as well as being a vehicle for composing and producing uncompromising
cinematic music according to his vision. During the recent years, Nyberg has composed scores for several domestic fiction and non-fiction films. In 2017 he was also nominated for Nordic Harpa award for his score in ‘Onnenonkija’(2016).