Helsinki’s Marko Nyberg is arguably best known as the band leader of critical darlings Husky Rescue. Around two-dozen talented musicians have graced the outfit’s line-up since its formation in 2002, as its sound evolved from a country-tinged folk-pop sound to an increasingly complex post-apocalyptic ambient-disco aesthetic, but Husky Rescue is only one aspect of Nyberg’s creative consciousness.


Simultaneously, as the studio head of El Camino Helsinki, Nyberg is one of Finland’s top commercial music composers. Since the late ’90s, he has provided rich aural tapestries for the likes of Nokia, Wrigley’s, Finnair and Colemans to ply their wares. Working with visual accompaniment is not a side project, though, so much as it is a true passion.


Nyberg scored Saara Saarela’s feature film Twisted Roots in 2009, and his cinematic output has expanded exponentially ever since. He has provided the music for three Ville Jankeri films, Forest Giant (2020) being the latest and as well as documentaries such as Inderjit Kaur Khalsa’s War/Peace (2017) and Pekka Lehto’s Paha Poliisi (2017). This is where his psychic energy is primarily focused today, into worthy accompaniments for films or TV series or even modern dance choreography, anything that caries the right emotional weight.